Who should apply to be a member?

Women who live in the greater D.C. area that are excited, ready, and willing to create real change in our community. Pomona Society thrives on bringing together a diverse group with differing ideologies, personal backgrounds, careers, and demographics.

What is required to apply for membership?

Simply fill out our application form and we’ll review your candidacy! Our application consists of questions regarding your interest in becoming a member and an overview of membership plans.

Can men join pomona society?

Although current membership is exclusively for women, we are excited to work with everyone in our community to create effective and lasting change within our four pillars! As advocates for change, men can help us in various ways including financial support, in-kind donations, and impact spotlights. Please email info@pomonasociety.com if you are interested in helping Pomona Society reach our goals.

Can students join Pomona Society?

At this time, we are only accepting non-student women.  We are developing a program for a select group of students — stay tuned for details later during the year.

Can I join Pomona Society if I don’t live in the Washington, D.C. Metro Area?

As Pomona Society is dedicated to change at a local level, we are only accepting members from the greater Washington, D.C. area.

What type of organization is Pomona Society?

Pomona Society is a 501(c)3 charitable organization which means we do not engage in any political activity or lobbying.

Can I start a chapter of Pomona Society in my city?

If you are interested in starting a chapter in your city, please email info@pomonasociety.com, but at this time we are not releasing chapter rights.

How do you decide who recieves gifted memberships?

An executive committee selected by Pomona leadership will select individuals based on demonstration of community leadership, dedication to work related to women, and financial need. It is important to our theory of change that we are a socioeconomic diverse organization

Can my organization sponsor members?

Absolutely! We would love to work with any company or organization interested in supporting Pomona Society and our members. All donations and memberships are tax deductible since we are a 501(c)3.  Please email info@pomonasociety.com for more information.

How do you pick your impact spotlights and quarterly pillar focus?

Spotlights are organizations and people that we’ve identified as having impact aligned with the quarterly meeting initiatives and pressing issues that are part of the conversation around impacting women and families in Washington, D.C.

Am I able to make a donation outside of my membership plan?

Yes, please visit this page to make an online donation. Thank you so much for your generosity!

Is my membership tax deductible?

It absolutely is; once you make your membership payments you’ll receive a tax deductible receipt. Retain this document for your tax reporting.

What do membership fees cover?

Your fees cover the following:

  • Quarterly impact spotlights

  • Research and collaboration with community members on specific issues
    funding events for members

  • Year-end celebration to honor our successes, and

  • Strategic planning kickoff at the beginning of each year

  • Members-only opportunities to build your skills as a leader in our community


Pomona Society runs lean! At this time, it is run entirely by a small group of ladies volunteering their time to make things happen. We can ensure your money is put forward to advance the mission of the organization.

How does payment for membership work?

Membership fees can be paid annually, quarterly, or monthly based on your preference and are billed through an online platform allowing for easy payments. When you apply to become a member you can select what billing option is best for you or email info@pomonasociety.com if you want to discuss your options.

What if I can't pay my dues right now?

You can change your billing cycle at any time to something that allows for a more comfortable payment cycle for you. Please contact info@pomonasociety.com if you want to talk about your options. If the fees are too high for you, we’d love to consider you for a gifted membership based on need.

Can I recommend someone for a Gifted membership?

We’d love to review recommendations; email us at info@pomonasociety.com with the candidate and a brief summary as to why you think they should receive a gifted membership.

how do i apply for a gifted membership?

Simply fill out the application to apply for membership and when asked about what membership level you are seeking,  select "Gifted Membership" and tell us a brief overview of why you are requesting that. 

is there a directory or list of members i can access?

To protect our members and the efficacy of our organization toward driving participation and community change (rather than networking), we don’t publicly share member information. If you are interested in connecting with any member, simply attend our quarterly meetings to do so. We’ll always have time during the meeting to network with other members face to face.