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Join our Co-Founder, Karen Wawrzaszek, with a discussion on avoiding community displacement though workforce development and asset building. She explores the challenges and opportunities of the tax incentives that have paved the way for the new Opportunity Zone Investment.

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Impact Investing: Advisors Need To Build The Case For Imagining Big Capital

Co-Founder, Karen Wawrzaszek offers insights on financial inclusion and the important role women play in modeling financial behavior and entrepreneurship for other women.



Powerful Career Initiatives For Women -- Impactful Change Through Efforts Of Pomona Society

In early 2017, Abigail Skeans, founder and CEO of Glossator Advising, and Karen Wawrzaszek, board member and treasurer of the Washington Area Women’s Foundation, informally discussed issues that have affected communities within Washington, D.C., preventing many women in those communities from having the opportunity to flourish.

A year later, at the end of this past March, Wawrzaszek, Skeans and more than 50 other like-minded women – i.e. policy makers, entrepreneurs, wives, artists, community leaders – gathered for the launch of Pomona Society; of which Wawrzaszek and Skeans share the roles and responsibilities as cofounders. Pomona Society operates on the principle of advancing change for women and families in D.C. through enterprise, policy and philanthropy through its four pillars – poverty alleviation, wellbeing, enterprise and accountability.

Leading the transformation in D.C., Wawrzaszek and Skeans continue to gather women of impact in their homes and at their professions with various backstories for issue-specific meetings.


Listen to our co-founder, Karen Wawrzaszek, discuss the importance of the Pomona Society objectives with Jenn Sherman of the Influencer Collective! 

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