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We believe that the collective energy, influence, and resources of women in impact can transform Washington, D.C.


Who is Pomona Society?

Pomona Society is a non-profit membership association for women who are passionate about removing the barriers to poverty for women and families.

We are a diverse collective of women from all professional sectors, racial or ethnic backgrounds, spiritual affiliations (or none at all), political identities, ages, and neighborhoods. Our diversity makes us dynamic, complex, and more effective in moving the needle on sustainable impact within the Washington, DC region.


What Am I Committing To?

Pomona Society convenes four conversations annually, approximately one per quarter, where we focus on issues within each of our four impact pillars.

These conversations are experiential events where an issue is presented from various perspectives, and the group is presented with a tangible “problem” that requires a “solve.” The group is offered the opportunity to contribute toward the “solve” during the session, and actionable ideas for continued involvement are generated to ensure that follow up potential is fully uncovered.

Following the session, members aggregate around the “solve” and contribute during the following months until the next Pomona session.

At the end of the year, we gather to review our progress, celebrate our contributions, and evaluate where we can improve our impact in the coming year.

*There is a strict non-solicitation policy among the members


Together we are stronger.

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