Pomona Society Membership

Membership dues support the following programming and connectedness of the Pomona Society community. 

*Members agree to a strict non-solicitation policy.

Webinars featuring educational opportunities & impact spotlights. these spotlights are designed to raise awareness and a call to action.

Social networking to foster a deeper sense of community and build lasting relationships with the members. These gathering are meant to be fun and lighthearted.

Year-end celebration party in honor of our successes. we will evaluate the progress of our efforts and make a contribution to the organization of our collective choosing through a giving circle



Member Model & Pricing

We offer billing options for annual, quarterly, and monthly installments for all three membership plans. The fees listed below are the annual payment for each plan. If you have any questions regarding membership payment, please email info@pomonasociety.com

Individual Membership: $250


Give and Get Membership: $500

Allows you to become a member and gift a membership to a younger woman or emerging entrepreneur at a discounted rate.


Sister’s Keeper Membership: $1250

Allows you to sponsor up to five members in addition to your own membership.