Our vision

To collect and deploy actionable resources that allow women and families in the District of Columbia to flourish holistically.

We believe that every woman has incredible capital at her disposal that can be leveraged in service to others. Regardless of whether you possess social, political, intellectual, emotional, financial or spiritual capital, Pomona Society is an opportunity for women to combine their collective resources in order to make extraordinary impact within Washington, D.C. and beyond.


How We Will Succeed

We will accomplish our vision by uncovering and unlocking the barriers to poverty with a focus on the intersection of philanthropy, policy, and enterprise.  Together, these levers will provide the connective tissue required to nurture women in our community so they can thrive and become a model of success for the next generation – ultimately breaking the cycle of poverty.

We are focused on creating sustainable outcomes for all women and families, regardless of the economic lever used to alleviate poverty. We are a place-based model, focusing on local impact and accountability. We will produce an annual impact report to assess the activities of the 'Collective' so that we ensure accountability to our goals. We believe social transformation begins close to home.