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Gallup & Pomona Society Strengths Workshop

Pomona Society is excited to be teaming up with Gallup to host the Pomona Society Strengths Workshop at Gallup's Headquarters in Washington, DC.  The focus of this workshop is to uncover individual strengths of women leaders who make up Pomona Societ and to better articulate volunteerism that distinguishes our collective.  

BP10 is a tool developed by Gallup to identify entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial strengths among all types of people.  BP10 assesses individual and group strengths as a key tool to facilitate the exercises and discussions during the workshop.  As a participant in the event, you'll get a personalized BP10 assessment, curated Gallup books and materials, and workshop coaching that builds on your strengths through solo reflections, paired activities, and group discussion. 

We can't  wait to discover more of your individual and collective genius!  

*This event is available for free to members and $45 for non-members - purchase through link below.…

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Quarterly Impact Spotlight- Early Childhood

Undeniably, zero to three is a critical time of life for children. This period of time will effect a child’s emotional, social, physical, and mental well being for the rest of their lives which makes it essential that the adult and environmental influences in their lives during this period are positive, healthy, and supportive toward a thriving future. And yet between forty to sixty percent of children will experience varying levels of trauma during childhood. Organizations that are focused on early childhood support and intervention are a powerful partner to our community of parents and caregivers.

We're excited to welcome three panelists who represent various perspectives and areas of expertise on this issue in order to present our community with a tangible challenge and opportunity to engage in a "Solve" during the upcoming months. 

Panelists Include: 
Pyper Davis, EduCare Washington, D.C. 
Alan Ezagui, The Lourie Center for Children's Social & Emotional Wellness
Nicole Baker Fulgham, The Expectations Project

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